Car4Sale is a platform that offers extensive listings of cars for sale. Whether you are an individual seller or a dealer, you can easily and quickly post your ads on Car4Sale.

At Car4Sale, we provide a variety of advantages. Our users can search for cars based on various criteria such as brand, model, price, and more. Additionally, we offer detailed information, photos, and maintenance history for each listing.

The process is simple! First, you create an account on Car4Sale. Then, you can post a new listing for your car, providing photos, descriptions, price, and other details.

Each listing includes contact information for the seller. You can use the provided details to send messages or schedule appointments for test drives.

Enjoy a customized search experience with the additional filters we offer. You can also view accident reports and maintenance history for cars, helping you make an informed

Yes, using Car4Sale is completely free for users. You can post and search for ads without any charges.


Contact Information
Our office is at Akadimias 95 in Athens.
Phone+30 693 828 3360